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___________________________________________________________________________ Why Don’t Doctors Operate on Patients on Blood Thinners? The human blood has many God-given life-saving properties; when it is exposed to air, rapid oxidation takes place and it becomes strong acid. It thickens under acidic conditions, and hardens under strong acidic conditions to stop bleeding. Blood gets thicker as we get older because blood becomes more acidic as we age. The foods that we eat burn with oxygen to give us energy, and then they turn into acidic wastes. Our body tries its best to get rid of these wastes through urine and perspiration. Unfortunately, we cannot get rid of them one hundred percent; we must store the leftovers somewhere in our body. This is the process of acidification; which, in turn, is the process of aging. Since acid coagulates blood, blood circulation around the areas of acid accumulation becomes poor and all kinds of aging diseases develop. Going one step further, blood thickens with clots and fatal results could happen. For this, modern medicine developed blood thinners to force blood to be fluid, even under acidic conditions. Rather than eliminating the cause of blood thickening, we rely on symptomatic treatments, regardless of all the negative side effects. When artificial blood thinner is interjected into the blood vessel, blood is forced to be fluid and bleeding cannot be stopped. For this reason, doctors cannot operate on patients while they are on blood thinners or aspirin, which also acts as a blood thinner. Blood thinner ruins a valuable life-saving property of blood. Some Chinese “natural” herbal medicines are merely blood thinners; this can fool the patients as if they are getting more energy. People may not be aware that they are taking blood thinners, but their blood may not coagulate when exposed to air. For this reason, doctors must order a coagulation test before any surgery. In order to prevent blood from coagulation, we must remove the cause of blood thickening, which is excess acid. We must reduce the accumulated acid from our body, thus keeping the blood fluid and maintaining blood’s ability to stop bleeding when there is a cut. Commonly known methods to reduce acid from our body are: (1) stop drinking soft drinks, especially high acidic colas; (2) exercise and sweat out the acids; (3) eat more alkaline foods. These methods are not easy to follow through. The various dietary means are very confusing with different experts recommending different things. Furthermore, dietary means of exclusion can create nutritional deficiency problems. The most effective and cleanest way to reduce acid from our body is drinking alkaline water. The Japanese have been drinking alkaline water for over 50 years. They have developed water ionizers to make acid/alkaline water from regular tap water. Here in the US, water ionizers from Japan and Korea are now available. Search “alkaline water” or “water Malaysia’s pioneer in alkaline anti-oxidant water and distributor for world’s leading brand of water ionizer – Toyo Mavello Alkalife Sdn Bhd (603) 78774846; [email protected] ;
___________________________________________________________________________ ionizer” on the Internet to find out more about alkaline water and water ionizers, or visit these websites, or Water ionizers are expensive and are non-portable; and if the original tap water contains small amounts of minerals, they cannot produce high pH (about 9 to 10) alkaline water. The latest development in this field of making alkaline water is the alkaline concentrate, AlkaLife®. AlkaLife® comes in a 1.2 oz bottle, two drops in a cup of water change that water to a high pH alkaline water. This can be visually demonstrated by a pH testing solution; the water color changes from bluish green to bright purple. The acid neutralizing effects of alkaline water made by AlkaLife® is the same as alkaline water made by an ionizer. More and more MDs are accepting the fact that too much acid is the cause of diseases and death. After all, cancer cells are acidic while healthy cells are alkaline. Unfortunately, MDs miss the point of using alkaline water to reduce acid; they all turn to alkaline food for the solution. It is very difficult to change one’s eating habits. During the past decade, scientific advancements in healthcare have opened our eyes to non-Western preventive healthcare methods such as water ionizers, alkalinity/acid balance, magnetic, and far-infrared technologies for non-invasive natural health maintenance. This country must keep up with these advancements to maintain a healthy population and reduce the ever-escalating healthcare costs


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