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1. Shalom Birthing ministry delivers over 150 babies a month and serves
over 300 poor women and families weekly with the Gospel and
compassionate care in Antipolo City. About P17 million is needed to finish
construction on a three story ministry building and to obtain equipment,
furnishings and an ambulance for the ministry. Perhaps you can help obtain
hospital furnishings, equipment, construction material, a used van,
motorcycle, car, or bring a team to volunteer. For more information, please
contact Paul Ortiz (Email: [email protected]; Cell Phone: 0927-
8327551; or nurse Cindy Gingerich ([email protected]; Cell
Phone: 0917-8431034).
2. Home of Joy is a network ministry, Christian Growth Ministries (CGM),
directed by Rosely Fornoles (Email: [email protected];
Phone: 421-7155 to 56). The Home of Joy ministry is an excellent ministry
to orphaned children and is located at CGM Jabez Center, Km. 36,
Governor’s Drive, Brgy. Sampaloc IV, Dasmarinas, Cavite. Financial gifts
are always needed, as well as gifts-in-kind such as food, milk formulas,
vitamins, clothing, school supplies, diapers (small, medium & large), and
toiletries (more specific items are listed below). Presently there are 36
children staying at the orphanage. You or your church can help with the
partial expense of one child with a monthly gift of P500 to P1000. Perhaps
your church has a group of people that would like to help with maintenance
of the building, volunteer help at the home (Child Protection Policy
requirement), care-giving, painting the cottages of the Home children,
tutoring, and so forth.
More Specific needs: Rice, Infant Formula (Bonna, Nestrogen 1, Nestrogen
2, Bonnakid), Milk D(Bonnakid, Lactum 1-3, Nido Jr., Nido Foritfied,
Alaska, Bear Brand, chocolate drink), milo, sugar, oil, condiments, baby
bath soap, baby shampoo, baby wash, toothpaste, diapers (medium, large
and extra large), tissue and baby wipes, alcohol, cologne, multi vitamins,
oatmeal/cereals, pasta/noodles, Paracetamol (120 mg and 250 mg), Hydrate,
Ventolin Nebules and Expectorant, detergent powder, frabic conditioner,
bleach, cotton balls/buds, kids underwear, bed sheets/blankets, plates,
glasses, spoons/forks, school bags, black shoes, rubber shoes, socks,
emergency lights, wall fans. Call CGM for information on how to send
funds through their bank account (421-7155 to 56)
3. Brand New Day Ministries (for street children in Silang, Cavite) with
20-50 children on the streets weekly, bringing them hope in Christ through
Bible study and outreach. In order to help children get off the street, Brand
New Day is helping reconcile them with their families, providing
scholarships so they can go back to school, and connecting them with the
local church. This is a ministry of compassionate care, evangelism and
discipleship directed by ACTION missionary Miss Erin Johnson.
(Email: [email protected], Cell Phone: 011-63-915-913-7728).
Needed are gifts-in-kind such school supplies and hygiene items: pencils,
pens, crayons, pencil cases rulers, paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, small
toys, as well as clothing for boys and girls age 6 to 17. This would include
shirts, jeans, socks, shoes, new underwear, and so forth.
4. Mustard Seed is a discipleship vocational ministry to 10 to 15 older
underprivileged young ladies in creative sewing. This amazing one-year
ministry has a large monthly budget and is in need of finances, as well as
gifts-in-kind such as sewing equipment, fabric, and food. Contact Barbara
Burchert (Email: [email protected]; Cell Phone: 0921-7891864).
5. Fish and Bread takes the Gospel, compassionate care, and food to many
street and underprivileged/malnourished children in the community. In each
feeding sites we have 50 children to feed in 6 months, our small budget is
only P25 per meal per child with 3 x a week feeding, so weekly it cost
P3750. Please contact Becky Majam (Email: [email protected];
Cell Phone: 0918-6544852) of the ACTION SITeam for more information.
6. Honest Hands is a nine month live-in discipleship ministry for up to 10
older underprivileged boys, age 15 to 20 in Silang, Cavite. Each boy is sent
by a local evangelical church and works in and reports to the church
leadership each weekend. The young men are discipled, challenged and
taught from the Bible, and also have a daily tutorial class using the ALS
material. Perhaps you can help with the monthly budget with a gift of P200
or so. Contact Carl Loewen
Email: [email protected]; Cell Phone: 0916-5900723).
7. Street Children ministry in Antipolo. This is a ministry of
compassionate care, evangelism and discipleship through local churches
directed by ACTION missionary, Raffy Sison (Email:
[email protected]; Cell Phone: 0918-226-5215). Needed are gifts-in-
kind such as school supplies and hygiene items: pencils, pens, crayons,
pencil cases, rulers, paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, small toys, as well as
clothing for boys and girls age 6 to 17. Clothing would include shirts, jeans,
socks, shoes, new underwear, and so forth. Also needed are food items such
as crackers, biscuits, cookies, and packaged drinks.
8. Lifehouse Village center is a ministry to street and underprivileged boys
and girls in the city of Olongapo assisted by ACTION Missionary Ron
Homenuke (Email: [email protected]; Cell Phone: 0908-
1440755). This is a live-in ministry for eight boys and six girls; all who are
enrolled in school. Items needed are food items, games, towels, sheets,
clothing (mostly cotton) for boys and girls age 10 to 16, shoes and/or flip
flops, backpacks, school supplies, vitamins, first-aid supplies, financial gifts.
P500 monthly would greatly assist.
9. Working Hands is a discipleship vocational ministry for up to 50 older
live-in Christian students from the poor sectors of society. The young men
are discipled in the Word of God and trained in a vocation such as wood
working (carpentry), automotive, mechanics, or computers. The monthly
budget is over P200,000. Perhaps you could give a major gift, help partially
support a student monthly with P500, or with gifts-in-kind such as an older
car, van, truck, bus, wood, tools, or computers. Contact Daryl Germaine
(Email: [email protected]; Cell Phone: 0949-4917432).
10. Pastoral Leadership Development and BookShare are ministries to
assist many of the 40,000 undertrained or untrained pastors in the
Philippines, many who make less than P1000 monthly. Pray with ACTION
as we work with Christian Growth Ministries - a network ministry, in
providing book sets (valued at P1760) published for needy pastors for only
P220 to P400 for a set of three to four books. Conferences and seminars are
also conducted to help and equip pastors, church leaders/workers and Bible
school students for their personal and ministry development. The cost to
send a pastor to a conference is about P1000 that will cover a meal and two
snacks, CLAIM set/books, handouts, and so forth. Contact Rosely Fornoles
(Email: [email protected]; Phone: 421-7155 to 56) or Mike
Gingerich (Email: [email protected]; Cell Phone: 0917-


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